A minimalist approach to colour

Gris presents a curated experience of colour. A limited collection of monochrome shades distilled into three colour fields; white, grey and deep blue. It is as much about light as shadow, about atmosphere and depth—an uncompromising view on colour.

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Mineral paint is uncompromising in both beauty and integrity, historic and contemporary. Free from solvents and petrochemical derivatives and does not give off toxic gases. Coloured with natural earth oxide pigments makes Gris paints completely UV stable with no colour fade over time. Preservative free. Made to order.

About Mineral Paint
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A complete collection of Gris Monochrome colours hand painted on A5 cards. True to colour.

Nordic whites. Cloudy but luminous. Subtle undertones inspired by the muted quality of Nordic light, create an expansive, almost otherworldly feeling of spaciality.

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Gris No. 16 - The Nordic Series
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Grey. Architectural, brutalist, androgynous. Utilitarian and subdued. Grey is a way of arriving at both light and shadow with subtlety and depth.

Gris No. 20 - The Architectural Series
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Inky. Smokey. Densely pigmented, saturated deep colours. Enveloping and silent. Melancholic yet sensual, evoking a Japanese mood.

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Gris No. 11 - The Inky Series
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A modernist brand inspired by art and architecture, rooted in a respect for nature.

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