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Mineral paint is uncompromising
in both beauty and integrity,
historic and contemporary

Mineral paint was invented in 1878 by Bavarian scientist, Adolf Wilheim Keim, and granted a royal patent. Today, Keim are the world leading specialists in mineral paints and are at the forefront of development to improve the properties of paint itself and increase the spectrum of naturally-sourced colours.

Liz Michael chose to work with Keim because they are the pioneers of mineral paint. They have an unparalleled level of expertise and technical know-how.

Mineral paint is uncompromising in both beauty and integrity, historic and contemporary. Made from potassium silicate and coloured with natural earth oxide pigments. It is free of solvents and petrochemical derivatives and does not give off toxic gases. Mineral paints are naturally resistant to mould and fungal growth. Instead of creating a film over the surfaces like conventional coatings, mineral paints chemically react with the under-lying surface forming a permanent bond with the substrate itself. This micro-crystalline bond is the key to the breathability and durability of the paints.

Breathable coatings are vital to the health of a building and its occupants. Paints with high water vapour permeability enable humidity contained in building structures to be quickly released unhindered into the environment, avoiding moisture build up between coating and substrate. This permeability allows moisture to breathe through the coating and helps to protect building structures from the damaging effects of moisture build up. By contrast acrylic paints and emulsions create a synthetic barrier which traps moisture behind the coating, often causing paint to blister and flake over time.

Natural earth oxide pigments makes Gris mineral paints completely UV and colour stable. There is no colour fade of mineral paint with the passage of time or any discernible breakdown of the coating itself. UV can be incredibly damaging as it attacks and deteriorates the binder of conventional acrylic emulsions causing white pigments to yellow and discolour. Gris mineral paints are resistant to UV light so the coating remains intact and colour fast.

Gris paints are completely matte but the crystalline structure provides incredible light reflectance. Colours are intensified thanks to the high-level of luminosity achieved by light reflectance. Light is able to bounce/reflect off the microscopic surfaces of the crystalline finish. This reflection, or scattering of light, makes colours appear much richer, brighter and more luminous than conventional paints. This allows high light reflectivity which in internal spaces can maximise natural light.

The durable, colour stability and breathable qualities of mineral paint result in long-lasting coating which is enhanced by the timeless aesthetic of a monochrome palette.

Gris paints are produced exclusively by Keim Mineral Paints in the UK. They are natureplus certified. Made to order.

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