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Gris presents a curated
experience of colour

Gris presents a curated experience of colour. A limited collection of monochrome shades distilled into three colour fields; white, grey and deep blue. It is as much about light as shadow, about atmosphere and depth—an uncompromising view on colour.

Each series draws on the diverse artistic interests and vision of Gris’ founder, former makeup artist Liz Michael. Modernism, minimalism and abstraction permeate the language of Gris, informing her approach to interior and space as she applies her language of colour, light and staging to an entirely different medium.

Gris offers three signature colour series: Nordic, Architectural and Inky. Each has evolved from a distinct focus, tonality and inspiration: colour field painting and the singular canvases of contemporary artists Robert Ryman and Quentin Morris, the greys of brutalist structures, the inky blues of Japan and the cloudy haze of Nordic light.

Her process draws on an intimate understanding of colour and light. In Michael’s hands, colours take on a subdued quality with a quiet sense of depth and weight—each is meticulously crafted to achieve nuanced tonality. Using earth oxide pigments gives an unparalleled depth of colour and evocative richness. The paints are completely matte yet light-reflective, making the wall feel dyed rather than coated, as the paint sinks into the wall and becomes one with the under-lying surface.


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Ensuring utmost purity, the paints are exclusively produced in the UK with the historic manufacturer Keim, the world leaders and pioneers of mineral paint. Liz Michael chose to work with Keim because of their unique heritage, unparalleled level of expertise and technical know-how, all essential to the realisation of her exacting vision of colour.

Gris paints are free of synthetic binders, solvents and acrylics and coloured with earth oxide pigments. The paints are preservative free and exclusively made to order. They are natureplus certified and are completely sustainable products. The natureplus ecolabel is the only European environmental certification for building products that is founded on strict scientific criteria.

Throughout her 30-year career as a makeup artist, Michael has been known for her minimalist approach to beauty and pared-back aesthetic. Gris is both a culmination of a lifetime of work and a continuation of it.

Inspired by art and architecture, rooted in a respect for nature.




Liz Michael

Liz Michael began her career as a makeup artist working in fashion, beauty and film.  Her career spanned over 30 years in London, New York and Paris. Her work has been seen in numerous international publications including Vogue, Bazaar, Interview Magazine, Vanity Fair and The Face, while working alongside with some of the world’s leading photographers.  She has consulted for major cosmetic companies and worked on international beauty campaigns.

Gris becomes a natural progression after decades of experience collaborating with photographers and directors. Her understanding of light is integral to how she creates colours. Repetition within the colour series is the foundation that consistently defines her point of view on colour. Through her love of image making, she builds a narrative through scenography to create the visual language of Gris with her distincitive minimalist approach to create a modernist paint brand.