• General

    Environmental consciousness is at the core of Gris Mineral Paints.

    Our paints contain only natural ingredients and do not contain solvents, petrochemical derivatives, plasticisers or preservatives which can be emitted into the ambient environment.  They are safe for people using them and the environment.

    Gris Mineral Paints are made using only natural pigments.  Earth oxides makes our paint completely UV and colour stable.

  • natureplus certified

    Products with the natureplus-eco-label meet the highest standards of quality along with the three pillars of climate protection, healthy accommodation and sustainability of resources.

    The natureplus eco-label is the only European environmental label for building products that is founded on strict scientific criteria.

    The assessments to verify the requirements are conducted by accredited laboratories and assessors in line with recognised international standards.

    View our natureplus certification.

  • Breathability & SD Value Rating

    Breathability is a term that is used in relation to the vapour permeability of paint and building materials.

    Water affects everything in buildings from the health or decay of building fabric through to the thermal performance of the building and the health of the occupants.

    Paints with high vapour permeability enable humidity contained in building structures to be quickly released unhindered into the environment, avoiding moisture build up between the coating and substrate.  This helps to protect building structures from the damaging effects of moisture built-up.

    Breathability also provides an aesthetic advantage as moisture is able to breathe and pass through the coating rather than being trapped behind an acrylic film-forming barrier.

    If moisture vapour is unable to migrate, it will build up behind the coating eventually leading to blistering and flaking of the paint layers, as well as saturation of the underlying surfaces which can then become friable and need repairing, (most commonly associated with acrylic paint).

    SD Value is a measure of vapour permeability, determining the air layer equivalence, or barrier, water vapour must pass through. The lower the SD Value, the higher the paint’s ability to permit the passage of moisture vapour.  For a paint to be considered breathable, it should have an SD Value below 0.5m.

    Gris Mineral Paints have a SD Value of 0.01m.